6 Vacant Land Parcels 1/2 Acre for Sale

$499,000 $287,000

Address: 1789 W. Warren Ave


Description: Six vacant land parcels for sale on the corner of West Warren and Rosa Parks in Woodbridge, totaling almost a half-acre and 174 SF of corner frontage. Zoning is PD (planned development). NEZ district already in place. This is a prime location for new development in a neighborhood where housing is in high demand. Ample room for a new build with outdoor space and parking. Midrise, townhouse or single family homes all have development potential. Excellent proximity to restaurants and bars, Wayne State University, downtown. Adjacent to Midtown and Corktown. Multimillion dollar investment coming to Core City to the west. Planned conversion of Rosa Parks to a two-way with bike lanes in 2019/20. Easy access to highways. Parcel addresses: 1777, 1783 and 1789 West Warren Ave; 4902, 4906 and 4842 Rosa Parks Blvd.
Street view

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